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About Us

The U.S. Embassy in Tripoli

 Welcome to the official website of the United States Embassy in Tripoli, Libya.  It took you just a few mouse clicks to get here, but it took us close to a generation!

On May 31, 2006 the United States of America and Libya exchanged diplomatic notes confirming the upgrade of the U.S. Liaison Office in Tripoli to a U.S. Embassy.  This exchange of notes follows upon Secretary Rice's announcement and report to Congress on May 15 of her intent to upgrade our level of diplomatic representation with Libya. The United States withdrew its last U.S. Ambassador to Libya in 1972. All remaining U.S. government personnel were withdrawn and the embassy was shut down after a mob attacked and set fire to the U.S. Embassy on December 2, 1979. Resumption of a direct diplomatic presence occurred on February 8, 2004 with the arrival of U.S. personnel at the U.S. Interests Section in Tripoli. That mission was upgraded to a Liaison Office on June 24, 2004.

As the Secretary of State announced on May 15, 2006, “Today marks the opening of a new era in U.S.-Libya relations that will benefit Americans and Libyans alike.”

As the relationship with Libya has developed, the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli has taken on growing responsibilities.  Our staffing levels, and consequently the services that we can offer, are still limited, but already we are in a position to provide certain types of assistance to U.S. citizens on commercial, consular and other matters.  We encourage Americans with an interest in Libya to be in touch with the Embassy, and we pledge to be as responsive as possible as U.S.-Libyan relations progress and our resources grow.

This website is your portal into the activities of the U.S. Embassy.  We look forward to providing you with updates about the services we offer, and insights into the United States and the U.S.-Libya relationship.

So, whether you're a Libyan student seeking more information about studying in America, an American business representative seeking a better understanding of the Libyan commercial climate, or just someone who wants to know more about the United States or Libya, this website has something for you, and as we say in both the United States and Libya: You are most welcome!!